Friday, March 16, 2012

O Lord Jesus

O Lord Jesus
You are my King
My Master my Lord
My everything
You opened my eyes
So I could see
Your amazing light
Shining out to me

One so lost when
You reached down
Sometimes so low
I couldn't be found
But You O Lord
You took my hand
You pulled me up
Helped me to stand

O Lord Jesus
I love You so
Your healing my mind
My heart and my soul
You are my Rock
My soon coming King
You shelter me below
Your all covering wing

One you surrounded
With all of Your love
Then encompassed me
With Your arms from above
I knew from that moment
I'd never be the same
You opened my heart
Started removing the pain

O thank You Lord Jesus
For all that You've done
You gave me a gift
It can't be out done
You opened my eyes
My heart and my soul
Thank You Lord Jesus
For making me whole


Child of God said...

Beautiful Chelle!


Denise said...

Lovely words Chelle~how blessed we are that He has opened our eyes, hearts, and souls! :)

Have a joyful Sunday!

Debbie Crawford said...

Beautiful words and I love the quote at the top also...

Ken said...

Nice words Chelle. Jesus is worthy of all praise and glory.
God bless,

Just Be Real said...

Hallelujah! I can always use encouragement. Blessings to you Chelle.

Kandi said...

Beautiful poem Chelle. Lovely!

Blessings to you.