Sunday, September 27, 2009


Your life is all in chaos
It seems to be a mess
No matter how you play it
What you always are is stressed

You've been walking through the valleys
Then in a desert place
It's then you see the mountain
You must traverse it's face

You start the climb with vigor
Knowing God will help you up
Then you seem to slip a bit
The going sure gets rough

In time you find a foothold
The trail starts to level out
You see the end ahead of you
Yet still you have some doubt

Right when you don't expect it
A hand reaches down for you
It's then you hear a voice say
Trust me I'll walk with you

I've been there through your valleys
And in your desert too
Now we're going up that mountain
Just let me carry you

We'll soon be at the top
You've nothing left to fear
You're trials have been many
But now the way is clear

I love you oh so much
You don't ever have to doubt
I am the Lord your God
I will never let you down

Monday, September 14, 2009

PSALM 46:10

I read Psalm 46:10 again. I really like it as I'm sure I have said before. In the Life In The Spirit Study Bible it says...the Hebrew for "Be still" can also be translated, "Let Go." Quit holding on to things that keep you from exalting GOD and giving HIM HIS proper place in your life. When I read that I found it enlightening so to speak. I think about that verse a lot and always just thought it was because I liked it...which some of the time I'm sure that's why. But at least today I think GOD is telling us to actually read it and understand it this way...

We need to let go of all the things that are keeping us from worshiping GOD like we should. For me it's a lot of letting go of insecurities and pride and just forgetting what others may think of me. GOD wants us to worship HIM with our whole heart, our soul, and our mind. If we can't do that we need to figure out why we can't and take care of the problem. Sometimes it's as simple as taking our problems and laying them at HIS feet and leaving them there. Other times it's just deciding that we don't care what others may say or think about us, we are going to do what GOD wants us to do. It can be hard but...if we want to experience the "River of GOD" to the fullest, we need to do that. GOD'S river is the continual flow of HIS grace, glory and power. This river will bring GOD into your midst. Read Psalm 46.

Again tonight HE brought to my mind John 3:30...HE must become greater, I must become less. I believe HE is telling me that in order to worship HIM, the way HE wants me to, John 3:30 must happen in my life. GOD must become the most important thing to me and I need to let go of all the insecurity issues. It seems that when I make an effort to step out of my comfort zone, and take a step towards GOD and what HE wants me to do, HE is waiting there for me. I can't let the devil keep me from doing what I need to do.

GOD will always be there for us. Our lives are full of a lot of uncertainties but as long as we trust in GOD HE will take care of us. HE is our shelter in the storms of our lives and HE gives us strength like we never could imagine.

Psalm 46:1-3

1 God is our refuge and strength,
always ready to help in times of trouble.
2 So we will not fear when earthquakes come
and the mountains crumble into the sea.
3 Let the oceans roar and foam.
Let the mountains tremble as the waters surge!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Have you heard Jesus calling
to your heart today
Do you recognize His voice
do you know His gentle ways

Do you know what it really means
to live for Him alone
Have you ever found the Savior
where is your eternal home

Are you willing to risk it all
throw caution to the wind
Step out in faith believing
and let the Holy God walk in

You will never know your purpose
or where your real life begins
Until you meet the Master
so you can find real peace within

He is waiting very patiently
to hear you call out to Him
If you put it off much longer
He might not call again

Do not let this moment pass
call out to Him right now
He loves you very much
to Him you need to bow


Jesus is the answer for the world today
Above him there's no other, Jesus is the way
Jesus is the answer for the world today
Above him there's no other, Jesus is the way

If you have some questions in the corners of your mind
And traces of discouragement and peace you can not find
Reflection of the old past, They seem to face you every day
There's one thing I know for sure that Jesus is the way

I know you got mountains that you think you can not climb
I know that your skies have been dark, You think the sun won't shine
In case you don't know, I'm here to tell you that the Word of God is true
And everything that He's promised, I tell you he would do it for you
Let me tell you that

Words & Music by Andre Crouch and Sandra Crouch
(c) Bud John Songs, Inc.

Most of us have heard this song before. Do you know anybody that needs to know Jesus
is the answer to all their problems? I know a lot of people like that. Tonight I'm
thinking of one person in particular that really needs to know that Jesus is the answer
to all of her problems. Someone close to me tried to commit suicide this past week.
She's only 20 and she just didn't think she could go on anymore.

The devil doesn't care how old you are...he will take you at whatever age he can get you.
Probably he likes getting people when they are young so they don't ever fulfill the plans
God has for them. This time he didn't get what he wanted. GOD won and I'm believing that
she will realize that HE is the one that saved her and that HE has a purpose for her life.

As the song says...we all have mountains...things in our lives that seem like we can't
overcome them. By our self we can't but...if you know JESUS you are not alone. HE will
help you to climb the mountain, sometimes on your own and sometimes with the help of other
Christians. Whatever it takes HE will be with you until you overcome the problem.

If you think you don't have anything to live for talk to GOD. If you can't do that yet,
find a friend to talk to. Give your life to JESUS and you will have something to live for.

Monday, September 7, 2009


O God, You are my God.
You will always be my God.
I will always have problems and You will always be there.
All I have to do is call on You.

You will take all worries and anxieties away.
You, Father God, are always with me.
Where ever I go, You are there.
You light my path with Your presence.

Then, sometimes in my discouragement, I turn from You.
It is in those times I am filled with despair.
It is then, Father God, when I fail you.
I fall into darkness and lose my way.

In the midst of trouble, sometimes I run.
Then in my loneliness I cry out to You.
I turn and call out Your name...Father God?!
You always answer and come to me.

I am the one who leaves You.
You, O God, are always the same.
You never leave me Father God.
Your arms are always open, waiting for me to come back .

O God, You are my God.
You will always and forever be my God.
I will always love You because...
You, Father God, have always loved me.