Sunday, September 27, 2009


Your life is all in chaos
It seems to be a mess
No matter how you play it
What you always are is stressed

You've been walking through the valleys
Then in a desert place
It's then you see the mountain
You must traverse it's face

You start the climb with vigor
Knowing God will help you up
Then you seem to slip a bit
The going sure gets rough

In time you find a foothold
The trail starts to level out
You see the end ahead of you
Yet still you have some doubt

Right when you don't expect it
A hand reaches down for you
It's then you hear a voice say
Trust me I'll walk with you

I've been there through your valleys
And in your desert too
Now we're going up that mountain
Just let me carry you

We'll soon be at the top
You've nothing left to fear
You're trials have been many
But now the way is clear

I love you oh so much
You don't ever have to doubt
I am the Lord your God
I will never let you down

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