Monday, September 7, 2009


O God, You are my God.
You will always be my God.
I will always have problems and You will always be there.
All I have to do is call on You.

You will take all worries and anxieties away.
You, Father God, are always with me.
Where ever I go, You are there.
You light my path with Your presence.

Then, sometimes in my discouragement, I turn from You.
It is in those times I am filled with despair.
It is then, Father God, when I fail you.
I fall into darkness and lose my way.

In the midst of trouble, sometimes I run.
Then in my loneliness I cry out to You.
I turn and call out Your name...Father God?!
You always answer and come to me.

I am the one who leaves You.
You, O God, are always the same.
You never leave me Father God.
Your arms are always open, waiting for me to come back .

O God, You are my God.
You will always and forever be my God.
I will always love You because...
You, Father God, have always loved me.

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