Monday, August 3, 2009


Prayer is something GOD has been talking to me about for a long time. It's always been something that I have a hard time doing for very long. It seems that GOD is telling me that I need to pray more. HE longs to here from us all the time. That's how we become closer to HIM and HE gets closer to us. If we will call on HIM, HE will answer. When things get hard talk to GOD about it and HE will always be there for you.


Prayer is something
God desires from us all
What will you do
will you answer His call

Do you have it in you
to pray everyday
Or would you rather just stumble
whittle your life away

Prayer is the key
to heal up your mind
How do you do it
one word at a time

GOD just wants to hear from you
keep you close to His side
Do you hear HIM calling
in HIM you'll want to hide

HE'S only as far
as you let HIM get
If you stay in prayer
you'll never regret

Your day's can be hard
night's restless too
Run to the FATHER
HE'S waiting for you

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