Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Have you met the precious Savior
the crucified Son
He bled and He died
on a cross made for one

Have you been bought by the blood
of the Savior divine
He's got peace in abundance
to heal your heart and mind

Have you let Him cleanse your soul
and touch you deep within
He'll give you joy everlasting
somehow it won't ever end

Have you found grace and mercy
did He impart it to you
Will you ask Him right now
to make you brand new

Have your sins been forgiven
do you know Him today
He's waiting for you now
please don't turn Him away

Have you been set free
do you know it to be true
Your chains will fall off
He will do that for you

Have you got what it takes
to ask Him today
To come into your life
wash your sins away

He bled and He died
don't scoff at Him now
He loves you so much
to Him you need to bow

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