Wednesday, August 12, 2009

JOHN 3:30

Does God ever just drop words into your head? He does that to me when I least expect it. Sometimes I'm in the shower, sometimes in the midst of problems I'm trying to solve at work, and sometimes when I'm first waking up. In my past life, and even after I was a Christian, I would hear other Christians say that God spoke to them or gave them words and I would think...How do you know it was Him??! Well, I know because it's just a different kind of a thought. It feels different and I just know. The first few times it happened I was like...Whoa, what was that? I'm getting more used to it now but it still usually surprises me.Anyway... happened again this morning when I was driving to work. I was talking to Him about "stuff" and the word accountability came to mind. Immediately I think, What does that mean? Then I actually said, What does that mean? Immediately I blog. Why does "maturity" and "pursuing God" have to be what I mainly write about now?...that has been the question I have been thinking about recently. I'm not sure I have actually said it out loud but, as we all know, God even knows our thoughts. So...He took the opportunity to tell me. I begin to think about it and I know that it is hard for me to write about these things. Then the thoughts begin to pour into my mind more rapidly. The just of it is...if you obey me and write about what I tell you too, it will be easier for you to live like you should. Whether it be in your thoughts, your actions or just your day to day will be more aware of me.

God is concerned about things we want to know. Even when we don't "really" ask Him the question. My lesson for the day, I think.

John 3:30 He must become greater; I must become less.

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