Friday, October 28, 2011

I'll Take Jesus

There is a song Jason Crabb recorded that is one of the best I have heard...of course, I really like to listen to Jason sing! But the words are so good and I can so relate to them. It talks about making a choice. One day I had to make that choice and I haven't regretted it yet...I never will! In the song Jesus is asking...Me or the world my child, which one will you take? There is no question for me. I will take Jesus! There isn't anything in this world that is better. I have tried what they call "those earthly pleasures" and they have failed! Every time. Nothing...Nothing...Nothing...can take the place of what I have now! Life is still hard sometimes...I still mess up...but Jesus is always there waiting with His arms open wide. Jesus has never failed me. I am learning more and more...time and time again...He is faithful! I finally get it Marge! No matter what...HE is Faithful! Praise the Lord!! 

Here's a link to the video. I think you will enjoy it.


Pam said...

Well said, Chelle. You say what I believe with all my heart. Have a blessed weekend!

Kristin Bridgman said...

So thankful for those wide, opened arms! I kept thinking as I was reading about the commercial that asked, "Got Milk?" We need to ask people..."Got Jesus?" Wouldn't you love to hear them all say as your title says, "I'll take Jesus!" :)

Have a good night Chelle!

Reformed rebel said...

Thanks Pam ~ You have a blesses weekend also! Thanks for stopping and visiting. Chelle

Yes Kristin ~ That would be great! Jesus...Love Him!
Have a great and blessed weekend...Chelle

Ken said...

Oh yes, He is faithful indeed. I was thinking the other day, if one was to gain all the wealth in the entire world it would be nothing compared with what He has for us. It will be so awesome when we get to see His face and spend eternity with Jesus.

Just Be Real said...

Thank you for the link. A bit of a southern twang I hear. Blessings to you dear one.

Kandi said...


I am with you I will take Jesus. I have been on the side of earthly pleasures as well, and they don't even come close to comparing to Jesus.

Blessings to you.