Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's The Catch

Ever wonder why you're here
when all of life seems quite unclear
Everyday is all about
ups and downs and crying out
People running here and there
never really do get anywhere
What's the catch of it all
life has never been a ball
All we see is pain and strife
loss and death upon a life
Souls in turmoil hearts in fear
what on earth are we doing here
Reality is quite unlike
what you thought was ever right
People come people go
never care if they hurt you so
What do we do to right it all
can we do it before we take the fall
The answer lies to all of this
somewhere above in heavens bliss
Can you find it do you care
what's the catch is He there


Lisa said...

He's there - amen!

Tracy said...

Hi Chelle - what a great poem. You should sign your name there. God is good - all the time -
God bless

Kandi said...

Amen Chelle. What a beautiful poem. He is there, always around us, through it all the hurts and turmoil and fear. Lovely Chelle, thank you so much for writing it.

Blessings to you.