Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sometimes we struggle with things here on earth
life isn't always fair and it doesn't always work
Our minds get all filled with things that don't matter
but try as you might you can't keep from being scattered
You begin to walk down some streets that are crumbled
then before you know it you find you're about to stumble
What do you do now can you get your head straight
you decide to keep going look for a road you can take
Then you find a large path and it starts to get steep
but you trudge on ahead just hoping to keep your feet
It starts going down further jagged rocks all about
you start slipping and sliding and find yourself going down
Before you know it you're out on a ledge
perched on a precipice dangling close to the edge
What happens now you cry in a loud voice
should I just tumble over is that the right choice
NO you decide you have got to be strong
pull yourself up you need to travel on
You finally make it to the top and take a look around
there off in the distance there's a light that abounds
You know if you can get there you will make it this time
no turning back now it's your life on the line


1 comment:

Denise said...

This is awesome Chelle! :) So true...