Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sometimes circumstances of life get you so screwed up you don't know what to do. You may have multiple things come at you at the same time that really throw you off. What you should do is talk to GOD and read HIS word so HE can help you. The problem is that many times we tend to go in the opposite direction. One reason for this is that you may not be as spiritually mature as you thought you were. Another reason could be that you are disappointed by what did or did not happen. Maybe, you might even be...just a little bit upset with GOD...and you don't know how to handle that particular feeling. Then could be all of those things together. So, what do you do next?...

That's a question I have been trying to answer for a couple of weeks now. You can have a room full of Bibles and Christian music. You can have a computer with all kinds of Christian resources on it. But you know what? None of those things make any difference unless you can get through the blockage in your mind and heart. Until you do, all you get is a small fix that lasts a few minutes or maybe a few hours. Why is that!! Because those things are a fix for Christians just like alcohol and drugs are a fix for non Christians. But those too are just fixes for a short amount of time. Maybe that is part of the problem. Before being a Christian you used alcohol and drugs when things went wrong...a short term fix. Maybe you are so used to short term fixes you don't really know how to do things with long term fixes.  In reality, all the Christians resources are short term fixes too. I am not talking about your relationship with GOD, I am talking only about the resources. The things we use to try to make everything good.

So...what do we now? We know that only JESUS can make it good and be the permanent fix. The big question to get back there.

This is...a reformed rebels struggle to get back, and stay, with the only true fix for life. There is one thing I know for sure...

HE doesn't leave us we leave HIM. It's all in how we respond to that situation that makes the difference.

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