Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A lot of people go "back to their roots" to find themselves. Another way of explaining "back to your roots" is...going back to the beginning, where you started. In a sense that is what I'm going to do...

I read something today that struck a chord with me. Something that another blogger wrote that got me to thinking why I started blogging. Blogging is what I believed that GOD wanted me to do...write about my life experiences before becoming a Christian and after becoming a Christian. Things that happen on a day to day basis in my life and how GOD works through those things. Most importantly to me...how GOD helps me to work through my past and present experiences and how only GOD can heal. Heals not only the body but also the heart, mind and emotions. Not only for myself, but also that my testimony, and what GOD is doing in my life, may somehow help someone else to find answers to their life through GOD.

Somewhere over the last few months I lost my focus. Because I lost my focus it became increasingly hard to do what I know GOD called me to do...blog and tell people about HIM. I believe that when ever you are doing things that show how awesome GOD is that the devil will be there to stop you if he can. The thing is...we need to be strong enough in the LORD to know it is him and to be able to fight him off. The way you get and stay strong enough is to read HIS WORD and talk to GOD all the time. I have also read a lot lately how it is important to have fellowship with other Christians. How you draw strength from each other. I fail in that area big time. If you don't do these things you run the risk of letting the devil get a foothold in your life. You start falling back into your old habits and way of thinking. Each time you start going down that path it's harder to get back to where you need to be. At least it is for me. So...

With the LORD'S help I am going to try to put aside the things that keep me from doing what I know I should. An important thing to remember is, if you have asked JESUS to forgive you, you really don't have anything to fear. GOD is always with you. Don't listen to the devil who will tell you that you are not good enough and never will be. He will tell you that you can't move forward and the things of your past are just too bad for GOD to really forgive you for. It's all lies! The devil just wants to get you back and he will use whatever he can to do so.

Remember; GOD is always on our side and HE fights for us! GOD doesn't let us go...we leave all on our own. HE always has a hold on us, don't let go of HIM.

Isaiah 41:9-10 (New Living Translation)

 9 I have called you back from the ends of the earth,
      saying, ‘You are my servant.’
   For I have chosen you
      and will not throw you away.
 10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.
      Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
   I will strengthen you and help you.
      I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Isaiah 41:13 (New Living Translation)

 13 For I hold you by your right hand—
      I, the Lord your God.
   And I say to you,
      ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.

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