Monday, August 16, 2010


We don't always understand
the things that happen here.
But we'll do well to never forget
how the LORD is always near.

I read it in GOD'S Holy Word
how HE'S with us everyday.
To help us to the other side
of what life brings along our way.

One verse we must remember is
Philippians 4:13.
It tells us how GOD gives us strength
to walk through everything.

It's up to us if we choose
to follow in HIS steps.
Or turn the other way and live
a life full of regrets.

If we walk after JESUS
HE tells us in HIS Word.
How HE will never leave us
or abandon us on this earth.

We all must fight the pain
that comes at us in this life.
But we'll never fight alone
for The LORD is by our side.

So we must choose today
whom it is that we will serve.
The LORD our Mighty Conqueror
or the evil one of this earth?

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