Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Psalms 113

Lift the name of JESUS high...Oh how we need to do that today! If we will only lift HIS name high above all else. That's what HE longs for us to do. It doesn't matter if we feel like it or not. Praising HIM is what we should do above all else! Do you need a touch from HIM today? Are you sick...lonely...depressed...just plain broken in spirit? Then lift HIS name up! Call on HIM...worship HIM...praise HIM! HE is worthy of all of our praise...our adoration. Pay honor to the ONE who gave you life today!

Psalm 113

 1 Praise the LORD!    Yes, give praise, O servants of the LORD.
      Praise the name of the LORD!
 2 Blessed be the name of the LORD
      now and forever.
 3 Everywhere—from east to west—
      praise the name of the LORD.
 4 For the LORD is high above the nations;
      his glory is higher than the heavens


Desiray said...

I love the book of Psalm my husband has been doing a study in it and he's enjoying all of those little nuggets that he is getting from it.

Lisa said...

God is worthy of our praise all the time, whether we feel like it or not. Blessed be the name of the LORD now and forever.

Reformed rebel said...
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Carole in the UK said...

How to get the enemy to flee.
Just keep praising the Lord!

From the rising of the Sun, to the going down of the same, Jesus is worthy to be praised.