Thursday, January 12, 2012

At Your Feet

Dear Lord Jesus we come just now
Before Your throne we humbly bow
Take our lives and help us see
The ones that we were meant to be

Down at Your feet we kneel today
In praise and worship oh hear us pray
Thank You Lord for all you've done
You cleansed our hearts and made us one

You died for us upon that tree
You did all that so we could see
You are the Lord our soon coming King
You are the Master Lord over everything

Thank You Jesus for saving our souls
For healing our hearts and making us whole
You cleansed us with Your crimson blood
Your love came in and overflowed like a flood

Praise You JESUS Praise You now
At Your feet we humbly bow


Marja Meijers said...

Did you write that? I like nit, beautiful words, thanks for sharing.

Reformed rebel said...

Hi Marja ~ Yes I did and thank you.

pinks said...

This is so beautiful, Chelle. I truly enjoy your poetry and watching Him inspire you.

<3 Kendra

Kristin Bridgman said...

Beautiful Chelle! And you did it without drugs ;)
You wrote from a heart who is in love with Jesus :)
Loved it:)

Lisa said...

Beautiful, beautiful, Chelle! Love it!

Reformed rebel said...

Hi Kendra, It's only because of HIM!

Hi Kristin, drugs or alcohol needed! Only Jesus truly satisfies! I do love HIM!

Hi Lisa, Thank you...

I am really humbled by all of your comments! All of you continue to encourage me more than you know.
God bless all of you...Chelle