Thursday, February 17, 2011

Passionate Prayer or...Just Talking


expressing, showing, or marked by intense or strong feeling; emotional: passionate language; fervid: 

Lately I have been reading a book called Passionate Prayer...a devotional. Prayer has always been a word I wasn't real fond of. When I think of prayer I think of people that are really just putting on a show for other people to see. Kind of like the Pharisees in Jesus' day. They didn't have a relationship with God...they just wanted people to think they were my opinion. Prayer sounds to me like a "spiritual" word and I don't think of myself as spiritual. Needless to say...praying has always been a hard thing for me. So...what I like to call praying is...talking to God. For me it makes it more personal and just a little easier. So...whatever you like to call it...expressing your thoughts and feelings to God is a good thing. The writer of this book likes to use different chapters from Psalm. So today I was reading more of the Psalms and found this one that David wrote.

Psalm 143:3-10 The Message Bible

 3-6 The enemy hunted me down;
      he kicked me and stomped me within an inch of my life.
   He put me in a black hole,
      buried me like a corpse in that dungeon.
   I sat there in despair, my spirit draining away,
      my heart heavy, like lead.
   I remembered the old days,
      went over all you've done, pondered the ways you've worked,
   Stretched out my hands to you,
      as thirsty for you as a desert thirsty for rain.
 7-10 Hurry with your answer, God!
      I'm nearly at the end of my rope.
   Don't turn away; don't ignore me!
      That would be certain death.
   If you wake me each morning with the sound of your loving voice,
      I'll go to sleep each night trusting in you.
   Point out the road I must travel;
      I'm all ears, all eyes before you.
   Save me from my enemies, God
      you're my only hope!
   Teach me how to live to please you,
      because you're my God.
   Lead me by your blessed Spirit
      into cleared and level pastureland
11-12 Keep up your reputation, God—give me life!
      In your justice, get me out of this trouble!
   In your great love, vanquish my enemies;
      make a clean sweep of those who harass me.
   And why? Because I'm your servant.

I thought this was great. I like David because he just "talked to God"! He used everyday, normal language. If he needed help...he just told God he needed help. If he sinned...eventually he confessed. If he was having a good day...he told God. Whatever was on his heart...David just "talked". When David needed God to answer him quickly...he told God that. David had a good relationship with God.

One of my goals this year is to have a better relationship. Talking to God on a regular basis is crucial to that. In fact...when I don't start my day talking to Him things don't go very well.'s not just how you start your day. From the time you get up...until you go to sleep each should constantly have Him in your thoughts. You don't have to be having conversation all the time but, if you just talk a little every hour to Him you will be amazed how much better you feel. Besides that, God will let you know He is there with you. You might not hear Him but you can feel Him. You will just know He is there with you. If something isn't going feel anxious...fear creeps in...whatever the case is, just whisper something as simple as...I Trust YOU me with this JESUS, or how about...thank You JESUS...I love You JESUS. HE will make a difference!

Check out Psalm 143. Do you ever feel like that? At times I do. I have felt stomped on, beaten down...and sometimes literally just hangin' on the edge...more times than I care to tell you! What I am learning is this...sometimes you have to talk to God like David did in verses 7-12. Ask...GOD---Give me life!! Just tell Him how it is. Then...

You need to thank and praise Him for being there and listening to you. Worship Him! He deserves it. Praise ...Thanksgiving...Worship...they move GOD! Try it and see what a difference HE will make in your life!!


Creative Mish said...

I believe having a relationship with God is very important. We need to let him know our fears, our wishes, our joys, our hopes, our dreams. How else but talking to him is this going to happen?

Reformed rebel said...

Thanks Michelle

I totally agree with you. As with any relationship...without communication you don't really have one.