Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Every now and then
we come to a place
lots of twists and turns
in our road we must face

We never do know
what tomorrow may hold
The trail is different
for all we are told

At times there are trials
seems to much to bear
You feel all alone
like no one is there

You cry out to God
tell Him it's unfair
Does He even hear you
or really even care

Your sure that He's left you
there seems such a hole
How will you find Him
You don't even know

You've read in the Bible
you're never alone
So why does your heart hurt
why do you groan

Everyone always says
you shouldn't doubt
God's always there
don't let the devil win out

So you pick up your Bible
read Psalm twenty three
When you walk through the valley
by your side He will be

The dark starts to lift
the pain starts to dull
Oh why don't you remember
on His name you must call

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