Saturday, July 4, 2009


You feel it in your head first
then your body starts to hurt
Your thoughts are all dark
and you want it to stop

Your mind starts to waver
the thoughts are all crossed
You wonder what's wrong
and you just feel so lost

You think it's all hopeless
life will soon come to an end
You wonder why it started
all over again

Your alone in your pain
life seems so unfair
You know that there's no one
who really cares

You can't seem to function
the thoughts are all mingled
You cry out for help
but no one's there

You think you won't make it
can't get up one more time
Your body is failing you
and your mind you can't find

You hear a voice from inside you
so soft and serene
You can barely make it out
but it's peaceful it seems

You've heard it before
a voice that can't be mistaken
You're troubles will lighten
if only you listen

Your burdens I'll bear
when you ask me to come
Your mind I will clear
when you call on my Son

You've been here before
should have learned then
You're troubles will vanish
when I am asked to come in

You're mind is better now
the suns begun to shine
You just have to remember
to talk to Me all the time

You know that I love you
I'll always be there
You're never alone
always in MY care

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