Sunday, July 12, 2009


Do you have the courage
it will take you to win
When you feel the dagger
slice through you again

You remember it well
it has been gone a long time
Still you know it is real
you must fight for your life

The pain that is inside
you know all to well
You need to get help
but who can you tell

There are people all around you
yet they never can see
The pain that is in you
when you just can't get it to leave

It seems this temptation
will never come to an end
Will he ever let you rest
NO you must fight to win

How can you do it
you ask one more time
Is there anyone out there
or are they just blind

You put on the good face
they all know it well
Did you ever stop to think
they really can't tell

Then your ready to give up
you cannot fight anymore
Oh what will you do
it's right there at your door

But wait, did you hear that
it's a voice that you know
Do you feel the calm
that brings peace to your soul

You know it is Jesus
you feel strength seeping in
He helps you hang on
you feel His spirit again

He comes in like a warrior
and helps you to stand
Says I will always be there
if you will just hold my hand

I have carried you before
and will do it again
I will always Love you
will help you to win

So what should you do
when satan walks in
Just reach out for Jesus
He will give you freedom within

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