Thursday, July 30, 2009


Father God I come to You
I give to You my life
You're all that I will ever need
to keep me from all strife

You've helped me now to cope
time and time again
With memories that have haunted me
almost since my life began

I can't make it one day without You
I'm just to weak to stand
On my own I'm really nothing
You always need to hold my hand

You've walked me through the valleys
so dark I couldn't see
Even though I still would stumble
you stayed right there with me

Lord You made my life worth living
I never could go back
To where I once was headed
it was a downward path

I received a new beginning
it started on that day
You came and gave me life
in a new and powerful way

Thank You Lord for saving me
and showing me Your grace
I found in You unfailing love
that no one can erase

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