Sunday, January 23, 2011

Proverbs 4:18-19

Today is Sunday...the LORD'S day...a great day!!  GOD is great and wonderful and full of mercy and grace...I'm forever grateful!!

So...I have been sitting and reading "Rooms" some more today. Wow...does GOD ever stop working on us?? Truly, I hope not. Reading this book has been an eyeopener for me. Not that the things I'm reading are new...I don't know...maybe I'm just really ready to hear them now. Maybe some of you reading this are finally ready too! None of what I am about to say is from "Rooms" it is just what it made me think about. Actually...what GOD wants us to think about.

Everyday we make choices. When to get up, when to eat, good mood, bad get the idea. We live in a world full of darkness. But, right on the edge of that darkness that fills our minds is LIGHT that we have to invite to come in. If we don't invite the LIGHT...darkness is happy to fill all the rooms. For myself I experienced so many years of darkness that I never thought I would ever not choose total LIGHT. But in reality I do at times. The book talks about there being two kingdoms in this world and eventually you choose which one you will be in. You really have to make the choice...Light,, cold...GOD, satan.

Proverbs 4:18-19

The ways of right-living people glow with light;
   the longer they live, the brighter they shine.
But the road of wrongdoing gets darker and darker—
   travelers can't see a thing; they fall flat on their faces.

To me what that passage from Proverbs says is; The longer you live in the light the more it becomes a part of you. Same with the dark. If you keep on leaning towards darkness, eventually it will take you down!! At some point you will be so used to living in the dark it will seem right too you. That kingdom will win your soul. Don't "ride the fence" as they say. Get on one side or the other. Light can't live with dark. Those rooms that you still have closed off you have to unlock and let GOD do the work in you that you need...HIS work!! HE wants to heal. It's hard, I know it is. At times we struggle because we know that those locked up rooms of our lives need to be opened up and cleaned out. They need the light and fresh air. The Light of GOD so you can make it too where you need to go and HIS fresh air so you can breathe!

When you turn your life over to CHRIST you can't just go into it halfheartedly. I know that I didn't. But sometimes because of the world we live in, and sometimes because of our pasts, we have a hard time letting the LIGHT completely take over our lives. We think that we have until one day GOD lets us know that really we still have some locked up rooms in our souls. I know that is true for me. At times I kind of let the doors start to open but as soon as I feel a little "pain" I slam them shut again. Why??!! Fear. You know, satan thrives on us being fearful. We thrive when we let GOD take over completely!

I hope this post makes sense because it is hard to publish these kinds of things. But...I know there is a purpose for it. My prayer is this...If you have any of these locked up rooms in your soul...that you along with me, will decide to do what GOD wants. Let HIM in completely and let HIM help you to live totally in the LIGHT!


D&A said...

Chelle, You are a great writer! I've enjoyed reading your posts. I in particular, love this post. Many people who have grown up knowing Christ, have a harder time understanding the difficulty of letting in that Light. Its a very exposed feeling, for me at least. So I appreciate posts like this, that let me know I'm not alone in this venture.

Reformed rebel said...

Thank you Ashley. I know what you are saying. I grew up knowing of Christ all my life but didn't personally know Him until 8/10/07. At times it is still hard but I know that I couldn't, and wouldn't want to, live without Him now. I totally agree with feeling exposed. Thankfully, if we know GOD, He is always there to help us through those vulnerable times! Please comment anytime. I value your opinions!