Saturday, January 15, 2011


Some synonyms for mayhem...havoc, destruction, pandemonium, commotion, disorder, violence, fracas, trouble...the list goes on and on.

Have you ever seen the Mayhem commercials from Allstate? There are quite a few of them but my favorite is the "GPS" Mayhem commercial. I love it when Mayhem starts talking like the GPS. He tells the driver..."Turn right up ahead"...then says "You never update me, so now, I just have to wing it." Then says..."No. I meant, turn left up ahead...Recalculating." Then yells..."Turn Right NOW!!" Then gives an evil laugh as driver smashes into parked car! Then says..."Your insurance may not protect you from this. Get Allstate. Be protected from me." Too me...Mayhem is just Funny!! But, last time I saw it, it made me think of something else...

Mayhem does everything he can to destroy peoples property, and in turn, sometimes their lives. Who does that remind you of? It reminds me of the lying little devil! In all the commercials Mayhem wreaks havoc...causes commotion... brings destruction...all of the things that the word mayhem stands for, Mayhem does. Just like the devil. You may get up to do your devotions and prayer time before starting your day when you suddenly get the idea to turn on the tv instead. After all, you got up early so you have plenty of time! So you turn it on, watch a couple minutes of news then think...well, I better start reading. Just as you are about to turn it off the news person announces the next story to come on. You think...Okay, I have to hear about that too! So you continue to watch until you're out of time and have to leave. You didn't even read one line of your devotions. Why do you think that was? Better yet...who could it have been? Mayhem...or in this case...the devil.

Mayhem says..."You never update me." When you update your GPS you are down loading all the latest directions and information so that it tells you the right directions to get where you need to go. That's what devotions and prayer does for us. It fills us with His love and mercy and directions for our life for that day. Just like the GPS gets us to our destination so we don't get God gets us through our day and helps us to stay on His path for our lives. He gives us a fresh start every morning. Just like Mayhem...if we don't get updated we just have to "wing it"!! Next thing you know..."RECALCULATING!!" "Turn Right Now!"...and your day comes crashing in on you! If you had taken the time to get that "update" you could handle the problem a whole lot better. But decided to "wing it" instead. Now who's laughing? The devil...can you hear his evil laugh as your day goes bad?!

We have insurance that will protect us from Mayhem. That doesn't mean we won't have problems. It does mean that we will be able to get through them with a lot less stress and anxiety. You know what the other little blurb is that Allstate uses? You're in Good Hands...with Allstate. The problem with insurance is they only help you once you have an accident. When we are a child of God we really are in Good Hands...GOD's Hands! I would much rather be in His hands than Allstate's. We are protected from Mayhem...havoc, destruction, pandemonium, commotion, disorder, violence, fracas, trouble...and anything else the devil wants to throw our way.

Lamentations 3:22:23
22 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; 23 they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

The devil knows if you start your day with devotions and talking to God that he can't have half as much fun with you. We need to say "Recalculating" to him. Destroy his plans before he can destroy us. Update every day...more than once. Read your Bible and talk to God so you don't have to "wing it".

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