Monday, January 17, 2011

Matthew 7:8

Have you ever noticed when God wants you to change things in your life He usually gives you ample opportunity? Last week I stepped out and set some goals for myself, goals that I know God wants me to work on. I don't think I will ever be able to say that I have totally accomplished any of them because they are things that can constantly get better. However, I have already had opportunity to work on all of them and I would say I'm about 40/60 with what I have been presented with. The 40 part is what I have done right!

Last week I responded to family on Facebook but then neglected to return the "phone call". That's one of those...need to "ramp it up a bit". Then this morning I had planned to get up early...4 a.m...and read my Bible and talk to God before leaving for work. Sadly to say...I didn't make it. I need an alarm that you can't turn off until my feet hit the floor!! After being at work for a while...and having a few "irritations"...I am definitely getting up at 4 tomorrow. I think that God was just letting me know that I would be able to handle things better if I prepared myself ahead of time. However, God and I did have a talk while I was driving to work...

That "talk" is really why I am writing this post. Since I started blogging I have learned to be very open and transparent about my life. Sometimes I wonder why? Is it to help someone else or is it to help me? I'm convinced that the answer is sometimes both, sometimes others, and most every So, this morning I'm talking to God and asking Him to help me learn how to be closer to Him. Help me just to get it right to Him me to change my life and anything about me that needs changing...whatever I need to do, help me to do it!! Well, guess what happened? God answered me. If you read what I just wrote I didn't ask Him a question. I was just asking Him for help to do what I needed to do. Did you catch it yet? Help "me" what "I" need to do!! Well...God heard me and He let me know. He told me that "me" and "I" was some of the problem. I can't do it on my own. Turn it over to Him and He will help me. Yes...I still have to work on all the goals I set for myself. But...I have to trust Him. Get out of the way and let Him work in my life however He chooses. If it's just through reading His word and talking with Him that's good. If it's through other people and I have to ask for help, that's good too...just do it. Quit setting myself up to fail. goals haven't changed but how they're going to be accomplished has. Talk to God first. Listen for His response. Do what He tells me to do...even when it's hard.

"Be simple; take our Lord's hand and walk through things."
Brother Andrew

Matthew 7:8 (New Living Translation)
8 For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.

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Denise said...

Great thoughts Chelle; our God loves to communicate with us! :)