Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lose or Gain

At times life's rough no need to lie
then God seems to go away
Don't give up or let go
that's what all the people say
Hang in tough fight the fight
stay in for one more day
Then you start to get your courage up
be tough once again
But wait you hear another voice
that's trying to get in
There it is loud and clear
booming in your head
Oh yes I recognize it now
it's fear and doubt and dread
Who is the master of those lies
the one that binds us so
He is the ruler of the things
of dark and dreadful woe
You push him back then try to breathe
you think you have him whipped
And then he calls you once again
he's using all his tricks
He knows you well
you always fall
you listen to his lies
He tells you...You won't get away
you always have been mine
You start to sink back in the mire
of your stinking life
You're going faster even now
OH Why believe those lies
There is a way to get out
you know it's there somewhere
Come on...Look up...dispel the doubt
the mires to your eyes
Then all at once you feel a spark
of something deep inside
It's way down deep almost lost
Come on don't let it die!!
You're reaching...fighting...trying hard
gasping for some air
The ONE you know is right and true
is calling...He's right there
You're trying to get focused
looking unto the Light
He's standing there right now
His hand stretched out...don't fight!
What will you's up to you
to get back in the game
Eternity is forever and with this life
you Lose or Gain

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