Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost Among Them

You're just another silhouette
in a sea that's full of masks

Why do you hide your face
you're one amongst the mass

You don't know where you're headed
or where you've just come from
All you know right now
is that you must surely run

You're hiding in among them
the ones without their face
Wondering where they went
still looking for that place

Where will you go now
you know there's no one left
They really are all gone
the ones that you knew best

You should have listened to them
when only there was gain
Now it's all for naught
why did you play that game

Then you wake up with a start
sweat pouring down your face
It's yet another nightmare
of how you ran the race

It really isn't over
your life will still go on
But can you find the answers
or will you just move on

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