Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well...January is here. In fact, it's day eleven. People have been asking me if I made any resolutions for this year...the answer...no. Why? Because anytime I do that I fail and I'm very successful at failing...without making resolutions! This year I will have goals. Goals are good to have because you can set a small goal, a medium size goal, or a large goal. Kind of like when you go to Carl's Junior to eat. You can have the regular size meal, the medium size meal, or the large meal. Generally I choose the regular size because I can't finish the large size, I fail. So...maybe that should be a consideration when setting the size of my goals!! Then there is a couple of questions I have to ask myself before setting these goals. What will they be, what size shall I set, and will I give myself the whole year...minus eleven days...to accomplish them? Both good questions. I'm sure you're on the edge just waiting to find out so...here we go!!

My number one goal should be to better my relationship with GOD. Not only should it be, it is. The problem with this goal is that it's one that you can never fully accomplish. I've been told that it doesn't matter how long you have been a christian you always have room for growth. So really...this is a long term, never ending goal. That's good because you can fail repeatedly and try again! Lucky for some of us that God gives us multiple chances for growth. Since becoming a christian maybe I haven't set this goal high enough on the size scale. Then again, maybe I set it too high. Oh well...I will go for the large size anyway.

My number two goal kind of goes along with number one. Bettering my relationship with family and friends. Now, this goal I would consider never ending too. One of the main differences between this goal and the first one is...God knows that you aren't going to get it right a lot of the time and loves you unconditionally. Family and friends, well...they're hoping you get it right occasionally and you're hoping they love you despite your failure. I'm not sure what size to make this goal. I am sure that some of the people, family and friends both, would tell me to ramp it up a bit and try harder. I imagine that if my relationship with God was at the large size then this one would be a whole lot easier. A very good reason too get the number one goal maxed out!! This one I will place on the scale at large but a notch below number one. Only because nothing is as important as my relationship with God.

My number three goal is to get healthy. That's a tough one because my sticktuitiveness has never been very good. In case you don't get that word...I'm not good with finishing things I start. Could be some of my issues with numbers one and two!! This one is also...never ending. I better shoot for at least the medium size on this one. I'm thinking if I can get number one and number two right that number three has got to improve!

Well...I'm going to stop with three goals for now. I'm thinking that they will keep me really busy! Have you noticed a trend here? Every goal ties back to the main one. They are all relationship oriented and they all work better if I get my number one goal under control. If I work on that goal and make it more successful, then all of my goals should be more successful.

Sooo...am I up for the fight it's going to take to accomplish these goals? I'm going to give them all my best shot!

One last thing. Earlier tonight when I was writing this post God spoke something to my spirit. He hasn't done that in a long time and it's my fault. What He said to me was this...When you are tight with God you are tight with others! I like that. I started writing this post really...as a joke. I realized once I got into it...it's not a joke! That's actually when God spoke that to me. These are good goals and I really need to work on all of them. I am not good at relationships. They are hard for me and I screw them up a lot. But...with the LORD'S help I am going to do a better job with them beginning now. Above all, I value my relationship with God. I also value my relationship with all my family and friends that I am blessed to have in my life.

Okay...we will see how this goal setting works out for me!!

Philippians 4:13 (New King James Version)

  I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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Denise said...

Your goals are perfect and reachable! You are a very valuable friend to so many too, Chelle! :)