Friday, October 22, 2010

The Lords Love

A little over a week ago I posted some scriptures from the Book of Psalm. They were all about how GOD is our Rock, Light, Salvation, Fortress, Savior, Shield, Strength, Refuge, Stronghold and Glory. He is even more than all of those things...Peace, Warmth, Love, Hope, Comfort...the list can probably just go on forever! WOW!!! Do you know anybody else that is, or can be, all of those things to you? There is no one on this earth that could ever come close! Today, as in many recent days, HE is just filling me with HIS amazing love! HE wants to do this for all of us everyday. If you don't feel that awesome love from the LORD talk to HIM about that. Tell HIM how you just need to feel HIS love with you all the time. HE is so amazing and just wanting to be close to you. The LORD is the only one that you can trust not to disappoint you or hurt you. Everyone else in your life will fail you at some point because, like you, they are human. Put your trust and confidence in HIM today and see what HE will do for you.

The Lords Love

The Lords love is amazing
all you will ever need
He is waiting to help you
you don't have to plead

His love He gives freely
to all who just ask
Call on Him now
then don't ever look back

Remember that day
Jesus stretched out His arms
On a cross made of wood
made only for His harm

He gave it all up
for one amazing thing
To give us salvation...with love
from our soon coming KING!

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