Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Healthy

One thing we read a lot about today is getting healthy. We need to watch what we eat and drink, exercise and get enough sleep. I agree with all of that...and I'm trying. As long as we are living we need to take care of our bodies. For some of us that, diet, diet! But...just so you know, this post is not about dieting but it is about getting healthy. With this health plan you can eat as much as you want and drink to your hearts content. Want to know what it is?....

Do you remember Spock on Star Trek? What did he always say when telling someone good bye....."Live long and prosper." Works for me. Who doesn't want to live a long life and prosper while you are doing it?  Live the dream!! Here on earth that doesn't always work out for everyone. But, I know of a place you can go and live longer than you thought possible and prosper beyond your wildest imagination. You do have to travel for a while but when you get there, there will be a huge of your many rewards for following this health plan! Also, you will have some Coaches to help you stick with the program. That's because like anything else you can get off course at times. But don't worry if sometimes you falter and need some guidance from your Coaches, that's what they do. And, there are always lots of other people on the plan that are willing to help you stick with it when you need some encouragement. We all kind of help each other along on this journey. So, if your ready I will tell you what you need to get and stay healthy.

First you need what I will call your "Basic Instructions". You can get these in all sizes and there are even different versions...but the name is always the same. Just go to any store that carries books and look for one that the title is B.I.B.L.E. Make sure you get the Holy one. After you get it, open it and begin reading...wherever you want. The "Helper" to the Coaches will help you to understand what you are reading if you read it with a willing heart and an open mind. The trick to this health plan read it as much as possible. This is the food and drink that will make you healthy and let you "Live long and prosper". No, on second thought...don't just read it, devour it. It is your own private banquet! Just a little extra perk you get with this health plan! The more you eat of this word, and drink in everything that is available, the healthier you will get. Before long you will get so healthy, you won't hardly be able to contain all of the riches your body, soul, and mind get from it. You will be feeling completely nourished. There is a little something you have to remember though. To stay nourished you have to stick to the plan. Eat and drink from it daily, many times a day if you can. Even memorize it so it will be much easier to remember. The other very important part of this plan is communication with your Coaches and their Helper. Talk to them all the time. The more you do the better off you will be. Talk with them about the others that are on the plan with you and about people you know that haven't joined this plan yet. There is always room for anyone else who wants to follow it.

I imagine you would like to know where it is you get to go after following this health plan. Where you can "Live long and prosper". It's a place called Heaven. When you get there you will get to meet the Coaches and their Helper. Did I tell you what B.I.B.L.E. stands for? That would be...Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. You see, Heaven is not here on earth. They say...It is out of this world! For myself, I can't wait to go there. I've never seen much of this earth and to see something that doesn't even compare to it...I can't wait!

Oh, I almost forgot...there is something else I should tell you. If you don't follow this diet plan, and you make up your own, you will still get a trip. But, at the end of your trip there won't be a banquet. For those who "really" just can't seem to stick with the health plan, you will get something a little different. You will be attending a "really big" Bar-B-Que! Good Luck with that. I have heard that there aren't really any amenities there but...everyone does have there own special place!

If you would like to read more about Heaven and how to get there...pick up a BIBLE and start reading. If you try this health plan you will probably find out you really like it!!

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Denise said...

What a great post! I love it; well done Chelle! :)