Friday, June 12, 2009


In this past week I have questioned GOD as to why HE had me write my last post. I know that I really don't have a right to question GOD about anything. I also know that HE uses the events of my past for healing in me as well as to help others. I believe that besides the healing, HE is also trying to tell me what to do when I am having a hard time. He does this at times by giving me poems. Because others of you may also have a hard time understanding HIS ways, this is what HE gave to me.

In the times when you can't make it
don't have the will to try
God puts his arms around you
and holds you while you cry

In the times that you are troubled
and peace you cannot find
God is the only one that's able
to still and quiet your mind

In the times that you can't see it
can't even understand
God is still there working
you just have to hold to his mighty hand

In the times when you most need it
trust and faith are hard to find
God will always be with you
just look up his face you'll find

I believe what HE is saying is...We need to rely on HIM no matter what we are going through. We need to read HIS word and pray, always.


Christopher said...

An excellent poem, and very true too!

Blessings to you...

KimDawnXo said...

I really enjoyed your writing. It seems we both have something in common with that. Your gift will bless many.

Many Blessings