Tuesday, August 7, 2012

His Everlasting Love

Another powerful church service tonight. It is so amazing to be in the presence of God! When His presence washes over you there really is nothing like it! Last night I so wanted to write about this but I just couldn't fit it all in. That really is a good thing because a conversation I had with a friend tonight fits right in. So here we go....

I have always had a problem believing that God could really care about me. That was the main reason I never asked the Lord into my heart earlier in my life. I believed that God didn't want anything to do with me...that He had told satan that he could have me. Consequently...satan uses that against me quite often. When things start going downhill for me this is the first kind of thing he whispers in my ear...

"You know that God never really wanted you and look at you now, you've failed Him again! Why don't you just give up? You wonder why you don't feel God's presence with you and this is why. Nothing has really ever changed. You have just been believing what other people want you to believe...that God loves you and has saved you from going to hell! You know God loves them...you can see it in their faces. You can feel love from them...but you don't really feel love from God. You will still be left behind when Jesus comes back! Just think about that for a minute. If God really loved you surely He would let you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you will be going with all the people you care about up to Heaven. But I'm telling you...you will be left here to face all of the things that are written in the Bible. Then you will go to Hell with me...to "die" forever!!

My problem is...I sometimes start having doubt. Doubt that I really am a Christian. I'm ashamed to tell you this but yes...I start believing satans lies. Eventually I get my brain back and realize that I have been going down that same road again! Thankfully...I don't listen as much as I used to and when I do...I don't stay in that trap very long anymore. I have learned to recognize that it is the master liar of the universe doing the whispering!

So...last night after the word from God, and accepting and receiving my healing, we had an amazing service. Then at the end of the service the speaker asked for people to come up front to pray. I've been trying to remember what the alter call was for but I can't. I just knew, beyond knowing, that I had to go up and pray. The Holy Spirit came on me so heavily that I could hardly stand. It was amazing. I could feel Him so much...it was so real! He was so real! Don't ever let anyone tell you that the Holy Spirit is not real...He is! I know some of you reading this will think what I am saying is crazy but if you know me at all you know I could never make this up. I am not a very feeling person...but I felt HIM! I don't know how it happens for other people but for me my hands and arms start shaking and it's like a blanket is just sort of dropped on me. A blanket of nothing but feelings and I can't stop it...I don't want to stop it...and I have no idea how long I am there. The whole point of me telling you this is...

God touched me last night...and I knew it. He was telling me this..."I love you and I care about you! Even though you don't always feel me like a lot of people do...I'm still here with you. I have always loved you and always will. I have showed you tonight that I love you. If I will do this for you...why would I leave you here when I come back. You are my child...don't worry."

Today I thought about this a lot. I know He loves me and I am His child. If I wasn't why would He go to all the trouble of healing me and letting me feel His presence so strongly? He wouldn't!

Tonight I want to say to you...

God loves you. Jesus loves you. If God didn't love you He wouldn't have sent His Son to die for you. If Jesus didn't love you He wouldn't have came to earth and died on the cross.

You know...we think that we have it all figured out. Why we're here...what to do with our lives. But until we meet the Savior...turn our lives over to Him...we really don't have a clue. I have come to know, just recently, that the way to get it all figured out is to...Let GOD be GOD in your life. Let Him takeover and lead you into what He wants you to do. It's not an easy thing. Tonight I failed at doing that. The good thing is...tomorrow is on the way. Every morning you get a new 24 to try to do it right!

I am looking forward to the service tomorrow night. Praying for miracles to happen! People to find Jesus as their Savior...people to be healed...and others just having the Holy Spirit come down and touch them in what ever way they need.

Jeremiah 31:3

Long ago the Lord said to Israel:
“I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love.
    With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.

And He is still saying this today to all that will listen and except His love.


Brenda Rees said...

Yes Chelle,
The Holy Spirit is one hundred percent real. The more you take into captivity any thought that disagrees with what God is saying to you, backed up by scripture, the less you will hear the lies that are coming into your mind from the adversary. The Lord understands we are flesh and forgives us when we fail Him and are sorry. Nothing can match the love and longsuffering of our Lord, and nothing can match that which He has in store for those who love Him. The more you seek God for what He is saying in your life, the more you will know the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the more you will recognize the voice of the enemy.
God bless you in abundance

BelovedBomber said...

I tried to respond once and all I wrote didn't post...sorry...I can relate to the feelings of doubt that would creep in. I know the enemy did it because fear was the fruit and that fear was powerful when an attack on my physical body came. I am thankful God has made us aware of it. My journey to victory has been about a year long! So glad for you...also that you experience the precious presence of the Holy Spirit. There is no better place to be! Believing for a good report on Friday~

Never Forsaken said...

Hi Chelle,
I have experienced both of these things...the way the devil tries to decieve us, as well as what the Holy Spirit's overflowing presence feels like! God is so strong, so complete with His love...satan can not have us, so he will try to steal away our hope and joy...Jesus will always be with you forever...nothing can remove you from His hand!
I am so glad you had this experience...If you get a moment, read my testimony page...you'll see :)

Lori said...

This is so powerful. Thank you for putting it into words. It is exactly what I struggle with and just what I need to think about today. So happy to read about what us happening to you!

Child of God said...

Hi Chelle,
My eyes are just welling up with tears while reading your testimony. I am so happy that you felt the presence of our Living God! I have never experienced this shaking, but my daughter has and I know it is real because she too is not the type of person that would fake it. She craved it and was for a year seeking His face.

I am so happy for you and I am praying into this healing. Praising God and pressing in.


Kristin Bridgman said...

So glad you had this experience with the Holy Spirit. Oh, I believe, I believe.
Praying for your Dr.s appt. on Friday...let me know how it goes.

Daisy said...

I am glad that you are beginning to know when it is the enemy speaking. It is amazing when God touches us deeply like that. Only He can satisfy. You're so right in that we need to learn to just let God be God. Thanks for sharing. May you continue to walk in the freedom Jesus died for you for. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chelle,

This is a very powerful post that you've written, for it truly shows the power of God and how much He truly loves you immensely, I just loved reading what you had to share!!!

When I returned my life over to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ again, this is what He had me open the Bible to once again . . .

Psalms 51:10-12 (King James Version) "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. 11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. 12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit."

This has become my prayer.

P.S. Dear Sister in Christ, do you know how I can show my link of my blog or whatever it's called, like you show yours under the photo of those two hands holding that heart?