Monday, April 18, 2011

So Blessed

Tonight I just want to say thank you to the Lord for a great day! He is awesome!! Sometimes He chooses to bless us with things that we don't ask for and really aren't expecting at all. Today, He chose to bless me with an incredible gift. It was something I wasn't prepared for but it was incredible. It all started with...a slow moving, boring day.

Nothing much was happening in my world at work today. No phone one coming over with problems to solve...just had to do my normal day to day stuff. Since it was Monday, and I was tired, I needed a little more to keep my day moving along. So...I turned on my music and started listening while I worked. Finally...about an hour into it...I hit on the right song. We Are So Blessed by Taranda Greene. I started really listening to the words and my mood started lifting. I am so blessed by all that He has done and brought me through! Then, the next song was...What A Difference You've Made In My Life...talking about the Lord. WOW...could I relate to that!! Next up was...Thanks To Calvary. That one hit me too...I'm not who I used to be and it's all because of Calvary!!! Then the last one was...He Is Here. And He was!!!! He was right there with me and I knew it! From one song to the next I felt His presence more and more!

So...I'm about to have another get real moment with you. I have never been much into feelings. I learned how not to have them and once you do that...they don't just happen just because you want to have them again. It seems to be a process that I have found I don't have a lot of control over. God just seems to hit me with them when He wants me to feel something. Today was one of those times...and I loved it.

The whole purpose of this post is just to say Thank You to the Lord. Without Him, and everything He has done for me, my life would not be what it is today. He has changed me...and is still working on me. He has blessed me beyond anything I could imagine. Not so much with material things, but with people He has placed in my life and with real things that matter. Most of all He has blessed me with...His love for me!!

These are the lyrics to We Are So Blessed by Bill and Gloria Gaither. If you like Southern Gospel music you will like the song. If not...the words are great anyway.

We are so blessed, by the gifts from Your hand
We just can't understand why You loved us so much.
We are so blessed, we just can't find a way or the words that can say
Thank You, Lord, for Your touch.

When we're empty You fill us 'til we overflow
When we're hungry You feed us, and cause us to know.
We are so blessed, take what we have to bring,
Take it all, everything, Lord, we love you so much.

We are so blessed by the things You have done,
The victories we've won and what You've brought us through.
We are so blessed, take what we have to bring, Take it all everything,
Lord, we bring it to You.

The Lord is wanting to bless you too! If you need to feel something from to Him about it.

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