Saturday, April 16, 2011

Consume Us

This past week I have been wanting to post something but it seems that my thoughts have all been pretty random. I haven't been able to get any one definite thought to come together...until now.

Tonight I decided to play some music and just think about the words I was hearing. I pulled up my library of songs and immediately knew what I wanted to hear...From The Inside of the Hillsong Chapel cd. The cd is all done acoustically. It's a great cd to listen to and worship the Lord with. I started listening to this song a few weeks ago when I was really struggling hard with some things. My soul was crying out for peace when I couldn't seem to get it together. In fact at times I would just play it over and over and God really did use it just to give me some peace.

If you're reading this...and struggling...and you just really need His peace to overtake you...listen to the video. Even if you aren't struggling...listen anyway. This should be the cry of all of our hearts. We all need Jesus to consume us...from the inside out!

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