Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Glorious Day video by Casting Crowns is perfect. Think of the words as you listen to it. Living HE loved Me!! Dying HE saved me!!Buried HE carried my sins far away!! Rising HE justified, freely forever... One day HE's coming!! Oh Glorious Day!! Could it get any better than that?

When this song came on the radio this morning it was the one I needed to hear. I posted it because for me it was a good reminder of everything HE has done for me...and everything that is still to come. For all of those "epic fails" in our lives that we can't seem to get away from sometimes...JESUS is the answer!  HE died on that tree for us. And now...really soon...HE's coming back for us!! Those failures...they are nothing to HIM. JESUS wiped them all far as the east is from the west!! Sometimes that's hard for wrap my head around. The thing just have to believe it. Believe...Believe...Believe!!

That Glorious Day is coming! Are you ready??!!!

Many of you get this blog by e-mail. If you do visit the site and watch this video. It beats my writing any time!!

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