Monday, April 29, 2013


dark flows in
light flows out
where do you go
just flail about
seemingly vague
clouds settle in
raindrops are falling
on your world again
filled with despair
hopeless abounds
pain in the path
fear wins out
thinking is muddled
sickness abounds
turmoil within
fogginess without
what do you do
when all settles in
at every turn
you just can't win
run to the cross
fall on your knees
face to the ground
tears flowing free
shouts you send up
Gods breath you feel
warmth spreading through
soul hole is filled
stand to your feet
shout it out loud
go tell the world
Christ you will see


1 comment:

Never Forsaken said...

This poem reminds me of the song lyrics ~Beauty for Ashes~ by Steven Curtis Chapman
The most beautiful words come from the deepest places of the heart when we are in pain.
God will pour His blessings to overflowing in your life Chelle!
Thank you for sharing your journey my friend.
~God bless~ Lisa