Saturday, January 12, 2013

Are You Thirsty?

This morning I read one of my devotionals and this line jumped off the page at me.

Hurry always empties a soul.

The thought that came to mind was this;

You...meaning me...don't give the Lord the time He deserves. That is true. So many times I don' has been the case lately. So I just responded back and asked Him what He would like me to read in His Word today? I opened my Bible to a familiar passage, Isaiah 55. I never tire of reading this chapter and hearing from the Lord what He has to say to me through it.

The first three words...

vs 1 "Is anyone thirsty?"

Who isn't? We all are. Sometimes we don't recognize how we are feeling as "thirst" but really it is. When we get that empty feeling inside, or that feeling of...What now?'s a thirst. A thirst for something more than we have at the moment. A thirst...a longing for...a desire...for something to fill us heal us from the inside out. Or maybe just for peace...Peace, that passes all understanding!

The next three words are...

"Come and drink-"

Drink from the Word. Drink from Him. Only He can fill you up. Only the Lord can give you what you need. When we are thirsty we need more of Him! The Lord can take that empty feeling and fill it...close it up...fill us from the inside out with Him! drink.from.HIM!! 

Isaiah 55:6
Seek the Lord while you can find Him.
Call on Him while He is near.

We can always find Him because He doesn't go anywhere. He is constantly extending His hand out to us. His love knows no boundaries. We just need to go to Him when we are thirsty. Call on Him to come and fill our empty souls. Quench our thirst.

Thank You Lord that we can come to You anytime...night or day. When we are empty...thirsty...and You Lord will fill us up. We know You want to quench the thirst we feel and we know that You are the only One who can. Help us to run to on You...when we are feeling this way. Thank You for loving us and caring for us.  Amen

Isaiah 55:1
“Is anyone thirsty?
    Come and drink—
    even if you have no money!
Come, take your choice of wine or milk—
    it’s all free!


Ken said...

Hi Chelle,
I am glad I stopped by today and read this post. I fall into the trap of not giving God the time He deserves. When I do, then my walk becomes dry. As I was reading, the passage in Scripture where Jesus spoke to the woman at the well came to mind. "Drink form the water that I give and you will never thirst again. It will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life." I want that water. I am going to go read Isaiah 55 now.

Ashley Barnes said...

Lovely! I always do find myself just wanting Jesus just for His presence and communication! When I feel disconnected I go spend time with Him! :)

Jedidja said...

Thanks you Chelle! I am glad I choose to read your blog today. GOd bless you.

Just Be Real said...

Chelle wonderful post. I am realizing more just how much time I desire to give my Daddy. Blessings.

Child of God said...

Hi Chelle,
Good word! We need to be plugged in to our life source, God. If we separate from Him we will surly die. His Word feeds us. Fellowship with other believers helps bring confirmation of our Lord's Word.

This is good!

Blessings hon,