Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thank You

Right now my blog isn't updating on any blogrolls. I don't know why and have not been able to check into it as of yet. So I am hoping that all of you that have been praying for me get this.

I just want to say thank you all so much for all of the prayers. I know that because of you praying my surgery went well. I am recovering now and would still appreciate your prayers. Some days are good and others are pretty painful.

Many bloggers I know, and many I do not know, have been praying. Those of you that know me well, thank you. Those of you that Jan sent a call out to in the FOCB community and don't know me, thank you. Jan from FOCB sent me responses from many of you and I plan to eventually visit all of your blogs.

God Bless you all


Jan Christiansen said...

Good morning, Celle! (At least it's still morning here in sunny Arizona.)

Still praying for you. Glad for the good days and hoping the bad days dwindle away.

Just checked and the blogroll is still not updating, but your posts are coming through just fine by email. I did some research and found that when others had this problem, they had to contact Google and they straightened it out on their end.

Keep posting - we're reading and ENJOYING!


Ken said...

Hi Chelle,
I am still praying for your speedy recovery.