Friday, February 15, 2013

With Praise and Thankfulness...We come

Dear Lord Jesus

We come to you today with heads bowed low and arms raised high to You.
We love You Lord...You are all to us.
You have given us life Lord and for that we say thank You!
You Lord are the One we worship and adore.

Lord Jesus

Help us to want to find You in all that we do and see...everyday.
Let us find Your goodness in everything that crosses our path...especially in the bad things.
Help us to not wobble but to be unshakeable in our faith...even when all within us is on the edge.
When the waters of life are about to cover us to know You are the One who pulled us out.

Dear Lord

Wrap Your arms around us and cover us with Your blanket of peace.
You Lord are the Sheperd who leads us to the still waters and helps us to rest in the pastures.
You are the only One Lord that can keep us safe and save us from the enemy of our soul.
You Lord are Our Saviour and soon coming King.

Lord Jesus

We praise You and thank You for keeping us everyday.
We know that soon You will come back to take us home to be with You.
Please Lord...before that day comes...bring our families to You.
Change their hearts oh them to see that all that is good comes from You.

and Lord

We just thank You again for coming to die for us.
We ask that You give us all sweet rest tonight.
Thank You for listening to our prayers.
In Your name we pray.

Amen and Amen

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Never Forsaken said...

This prayer was exactly whar I needed this morning, thank you Chelle.
I am reminded of an email conversation with a friend just this week, she is facing some challenges and I told her to pray and to praise...she replied with "We need to put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness". It wasn't until I read those words that I realized just how heavy my spirit has been lately...I need to take my own advice and PRAISE HIM!!
Amen to that!