Sunday, December 11, 2011

Proverbs 3:6

Do you ever think you hear God tell you to do something and wait to see if He tells you again? Usually I don't but there are those occasions when I do. Most of the time God speaks to me when I least expect it. Many times it's first thing in the morning when I'm in the shower. Yep...the shower. Either I'm still half asleep or, I'm talking to Him because I don't get up early enough to have the conversation in my room. Either way that's the place He usually speaks to me. Someone told me it's because He has my attention there. Just thoughts...and GOD speaking!

Well, sometime back God told me to give someone a CD I have. My first response was...I must just be thinking this on my own. Why would I give that to them? Well, I kept thinking about it off and on but eventually dismissed it. But occasionally the thought keeps coming back. Today God is telling me again to do this. Give them the CD. So I will. I know it is God telling me to do this. I asked myself why didn't I just listen before and do what He asks? Why do I have to be so stubborn? The answer could be as simple as this...

The spiritual warfare that goes on around us. Satan is trying to put fear and doubt in our minds and hearts all the time. He is trying to beat us down and make us feel fearful and like our situation...what ever it hopeless. On the other side we have GOD. He gives us the good things that we need to make it through. He is always there for us. God is our Rock...our Deliverer...our soon coming King...our All in All. God is everything we will ever need! So why do we sometimes not do what we know we are being asked to do? For me...and those times I don't obey His's because I'm afraid that people will think I've lost it. Even though every time I do what He asks it is always received well. No one has ever laughed at me and if they did it would be okay because I would still know that I have done what God asked of me.

So if God is asking you to do something...just do it! God will prepare the way before you so everything will go like He wants it too.

This verse in Proverbs came to mind to share.


Proverbs 3:6 (AMP)

In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.

My study Bible says this about this verse...

You may already acknowledge God in many areas of your life but the areas where you attempt to "restrict or ignore" Him will cause you grief. Make Him a vital part of everything you do; then He will guide you because you will be working to accomplish His purposes.

From the first time I ignored what He asked me to do I have been feeling uneasy. Now that I have made the decision to obey I know there will be peace within me. God is good!


Lisa said...

There is a peace that comes from obeying God, isn't there?

Many blessings, Chelle!

Kandi said...


I have never written about this because it was a little embarrassing, but now that you have said it I bring it out in the open, the best conversations I have with God...are in the shower, I write my best blog posts in there too, too bad I don't remember them when I get out :). I too second guess what God is speaking to me, wondering is this really for real, or something I thunk up on my own, glad I am not alone.

Blessings to Chelle.

Child of God said...

Obedience. That sure can be a hard one. :s One aspect that I am really working on. Good for you for listening and obeying. :)

I put up that post for you and I prayed with my prayer partners and will continue to pray for Wayne.

God bless,

Kristin Bridgman said...

Oh, I have heard from God in the most peculiar places. . .just goes to show He really is everywhere, in all places! :)

Wayne is in my prayers too!

Reformed rebel said...

Thank you all for your comments. More importantly thank you for your prayers. They are very much appreciated.

Child of God ~ Thank you for your post and prayers.

I will keep you all up to date as I have new info.


Tracy said...

Hi Chelle - such a good post. There is definitely peace in obedience.
God bless precious friend

Denise said...

Hi Chelle,

I certainly have a tendency to yield to my own self-will instead of surrendering to God’s will. However, I’m really not in control as much as I’d like to think! It is God who always controls the outcome in the end. :)

Blessings for a joyful week!