Friday, September 30, 2011

Because Of Him

Today I went to my last post-surgery eye appointment. It's official...the doc said that my eye looks perfect! Now I can start exercising, lifting, doing whatever I want...not that exercising is something I want to do but it is definitely needed! I was thinking about all of this and realized that my eye condition...and subsequent surgery...wasn't noticeable by anyone but me. The doc went inside my eye and fixed the problem. The tear wasn't visible and the scar from the surgery isn't either. Kind of like what Jesus did in my heart...

Before we become Christians we have many tears, holes and scars in our hearts. Some of them are so big, and go so deep, we think they can never be repaired. I like how Ann Voscamp says...soul holes. I'm pretty sure...even if you lived a good life before becoming a Christian...that you have had soul holes. Sometimes we think that there is just no way that all of the scars and holes will ever be healed. I thought that way every now and again about my eye. And...if I'm truthful...have thought that way about my heart and soul too! What I have found out though is you do have some of the control on how fast you heal from both kinds of surgery. For physical surgery you need to do what the doc says for as long as he says. Do you want the surgery to work or not? The choice is yours. When God works on your heart you also have a choice. Ask Him to heal your scars...your wounds...your hurts...your addictions. Anything that is holding you back...give to Him. Totally open up your life to Him in areas that you need healing. It's not always an easy thing but if you are sincere and really want it...He will meet you where you are and begin the healing process. From experience I can tell you that He doesn't always heal you immediately. But, keep going back to Him about it. When you are really ready for that area in your life to be healed...and want it more than anything...He will start the process and sometimes do it immediately! That's why I think that you have some control over the healing of some things in your life. You have to be ready and willing to really give whatever it is over too Him! Don't give it up and then take it back. Play games as it was put to me...and rightly so. Then it seems when you have been healed in one area, God is ready to start work on something else in your life. So, seems as if your life is a roller coaster. A subject for another post...another day!

One thing that I have found about all of this is...

When you have been healed of something in your life God will give you opportunities to share about it at some point. For me the best thing has been the excitement it puts in my day to day life. A renewed sense of what God is doing in me. Since September 19th I have had more boldness to say what needs to be said, to a friend, about Jesus. She has always known I'm a Christian but in conversations I would sometimes be afraid to tell her exactly what she needed to do to change her life. I was always afraid of offending her or making her mad. The last two weeks I have just been plain and honest about what I tell her...and she is good with it. She just keeps coming back, most days, for more conversation.

God is so good. He is healing me, and making me whole...more everyday. What do you need Him to do for you today? Whatever it is just call out to Him. He wants to bind up those old wounds. Repair the tears and holes in your heart, soul and mind. Call a friend...e-mail a friend...get together with a friend...ask them to pray with you for your healing. The Word says this...

Matthew 18:19-20

 19 “I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. 20 For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

When things go south for me it's as if I get stuck. At some point I can't even hardly pray anymore. I know then I need to contact a friend I can trust and ask for prayer. If it's really bad...I'm really bad...I need to talk it out first and then pray together with them. God has never failed me yet. When I am ready...when you are ready...He is willing.


Kristin Bridgman said...

You know my prayer request;) Thank you friend!

So glad you're all healed up. Not get crackin' on that exercise :)

Reformed rebel said...

Kristin~Your prayer request is in my prayer book! It will happen!!

Never Forsaken said...

I loved this post Chelle! You explained the process of healing both spiritual and physical so well. I've heard the term 'soul holes' before. I recently prayed that the blood of Jesus would fill someone's heart sealing the cracks where it had been broken.
~Blessings In Jesus~

Reformed rebel said...

Thank Lisa~What you prayed is great. That's so good! Jesus blood would fill the cracks. WOW! Thanks for stopping by...Chelle

Tracy said...

Hi Chelle - amen, I am so glad your eye is perfect. God is giving you both natural and spiritual sight through this healing process. And your experiences are a testimony to others.
God bless
ps: I need to do the whole exercise thing too, want to join together and encourage one another? I know I need it (the exercise and the encouragement!)

Denise said...

God is good! I am so thankful you received a good bill of health on your eye Chelle! I know how much weight has been lifted off your shoulders; prayer, faith, and hope is His miracle... :)

Have a peaceful and blessed weekend,

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing your good news and God's good news, Chelle!

Mike R said...

hey, just wanted to let you know, that you have a great blog, and I love reading your posts! :)



Reformed rebel said...

Hi Denise~God is definitely good!!

Hi Pam~Thanks for always stopping by. You are an encouragement!

Hi Mike~It's nice to hear from you! Thank you for those encouraging words. You have a great blog too!

Blessings to you all. Chelle

Just Be Real said...

Thank you Chelle for sharing the Scripture verses. Glad you are healing up nicely. Praise be to God. Blessings to you dear one.

Reformed rebel said...

Hi Tracy~Thank you. I always am encouraged by your comments.

Hi JBR~Thank you for stopping by. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Blessings to you both...Chelle