Wednesday, May 18, 2011


God is good and He loves us all more than we can even imagine. What ever we are going through...the Lord wants to help us. Just keep talking to Him and seeking Him. He doesn't leave us. When we go through hard things and we think we won't ever see the light on the other side...we have to keep going. Why? Because Jesus is standing in the midst of our struggle waiting for us to reach out to Him so He can walk through it with us. He doesn't ever leave our side.


How do you deal with the pain in your mind
Memories and feelings you can't leave behind
The skeletons in chains you placed in a box
Wrapped up so tight then secured with locks

You never wanted to face them again in this life
Cause all they had brought you was heartache and strife
But the devil is good he knows all about you
He plays with your mind until you think you are through

Now you must go be on your way
Back to the past and see what they say
The faces and places you put in that grave
Surrounded by walls to keep them contained

Fear has been in your head of all that is there
You know it is crazy but decide it is fair
Try to find the answers you need to be whole
Sitting and wondering why you have to go

Asking God to help you and help you some more
The answer never came you must get through the door
Keep talking and praying searching to find
The One who's familiar to help you unwind

Then you hear a song that gets to your heart
You've come to far now to go back to the start
Keep praying and praying and praying some more
Then reading the word you're right at the door

You turn the knob slowly and whom do you see
It's Jesus of Nazareth there waiting for me
He tells me it's good I don't need to fear
All the things of my past before He was near

All the skeletons I locked up inside with chains
Memories that tear at me the faces and pain
He buried them for me the day He drew near
When I asked Him to forgive me and take away my fear

He threw out the skeletons and tore up the box
Tossed out the chains and cast off the locks
Took care of the pain and cleared up my mind
He buried them for me one thing at a time

He died on the cross so that I could be made whole
He saved me and cleansed me and washed me white as snow
He loves me so much I need never to fear
He never will leave me He will always be near


My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Chelle. Its the one thing I often tell myself, He never leaves us. We may not 'see' Him, we may not 'feel' Him but He is there all the time. Thanks for the reminder.

Never Forsaken said...

Beautiful poem Chelle,
I couldn't agree more with the last line,
He will never leave me...Jesus experienced separation from the Father on the cross so that we would never have to!
(Mark 15:34)
BTW That is from where I found my user name!
Thanks for visiting my blog Chelle, yours is lovely and inspiring, I look forward to seeing more.
Peace In Jesus,