Friday, May 6, 2011


Sometimes it's all encompassing
the pain that rocks your soul
It's like a knife that cuts away
to the center of...your control 
You try holding on to all that's good
but the pain sears yet again
It rips and tears into your being
you wonder...why can't I win

It seems you're in a battle
your soul is on the line
You cry and scream for help
yet all you hear know you're mine

But you've been told so many times
the devil he's just scum
He sneaks right in and lies to you
why don't you just put him...on the run

Who is it you should listen to
Who is it you should believe
The One that gave His life for you
The One who helps breathe

God said He'll never leave you
though it feels that way right now
You pray that He's still out there
just "be still and know"...somehow

1 comment:

My daily walk in His grace! said...

Beautiful Chelle! My soul is feeling a bit stood on and from reading this and another blog I think God is trying to tell me to be still, with Him. God bless. Tracy