Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sometimes life is hard
for all of us here
It's then that you help us
You always draw near

But how do we know
that you're there in the dark
When the shadows are around
and we feel cold in our hearts

We just must remember
Your words that we've read
That's why You have told us
don't just keep them in your head

Store them in your hearts
for times just like these
Tell them to your friends
then get down on your knees

Ask them to pray
we can all use the help
Of each others prayers
so we can always win out

Then you pray to your Father
your Lord and your King
Ask Him to help you
to make your heart clean

He's there right beside you
every moment of your life
Lift your praises to Him
keep Him close all the night

Sometimes your afraid
He knows all of that too
He really is there
only He can get you through

Sleep well tonight friends
and family too
The Lord is there with you
He really really loves you

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