Tuesday, December 9, 2008


These past few days have been a learning time for me. I believe God has been teaching me, again, to just trust Him and listen to what He tells me to do. I've known for awhile that I am supposed to share my testimony but I wasn't sure how I was to do that. In fact for the longest time I didn't have any desire to. Then some months back God started speaking to me telling me I was going to give my testimony to large groups of people. Of course I immediately thought, NO WAY! If you knew me, you would know that two or three would be a large group. But, I just couldn't get away from the thought that it was going to happen. After awhile I started actually getting excited about telling people what God had done for me. Let me just say that on a one on one basis I had been telling people all along. But God was saying large group settings. Finally I said, okay lets do it. I thought once I said okay, God would open doors for it to happen. Well, nothing happened. Then about two weeks ago I felt God was telling me to start a blog. Again I thought it was just me thinking this and brushed it off. But, the thoughts persisted and then they were confirmed through a friend. She had told me many times I needed to write down my story. I would start it but never finish. But this time she said, I know you don't believe me but you need to write your story. I knew then that it was God telling me to start this blog. How much bigger of a group can you tell your story too? The next day I sat down in front of the computer and God told me what to write. He literally kept placing the thoughts within me almost faster than I could type them. Then again, just three days later, He gave me something else to write.
God is so good. If you will just listen to Him, He won't let you down.

Well, as it goes with everything you do, there is someone else that doesn't want you to tell your story. He wants to stop you, every chance he gets, so that you can't bring glory to God. If he can keep you from doing what God has called you to, then he wins. That's his goal. To win and keep you defeated. The thing is, You have to chose to let him do that. And, that's what I did. The day after writing my second post I started doubting that God was in it. The more I thought about it the more I doubted and the more confused I got. We all know who fills our minds with doubt and confusion. That would be satan. That's what he does. As long as you will listen to him, he will keep you tied up within yourself, so that you will be defeated. I even asked someone how you know for sure that your doing what God wants you to do. She reiterated to me how things had been falling into place and I just needed to trust God. He is in control. God is The Master of our universe. He will defeat satan everytime if we just trust Him and call on His name.

So, my goal, with Gods help, is to keep writing this blog and telling my story. With an occasional detour to talk about other things that God is teaching me. I have a lot to learn so there could be a lot of detours! Someday there may even be large groups of people sitting in front of me. Who knows! That's all up to God and whatever HE has for me. But, for now, I believe I have learned a valuable lesson. And I trust that I won't soon forget it.

I also believe that every day we need to put on the Armor of God so that we are better prepared to fight the devil. To stand against him. Read Ephesians 6:10-18

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