Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Christmas...What's it mean to you? Over the course of my life the meaning has changed many times. Being a kid everyone loves Christmas. There's really not much about it that kids don't like. Then when you start getting older and have your own kids that's great too. Watching them open their gifts and seeing the laughter and the joy on their face is one of the best things imaginable. So, to me Christmas was just a fun time. Then life goes on, things change and sometimes Christmas just isn't fun anymore. Maybe family members die, maybe you don't have a job, maybe there's a divorce, it could be just about anything that makes it not fun like it once was. There were many years where I really didn't like Christmas at all. I always thought it was more trouble than it was worth. But...I have since realized...that Christmas was not ever really about the things that seem to change so quickly in our lives. What Christmas means to me now is completely different than what it used to mean. Christmas is still about gifts but of a different kind. It's about the greatest gift you could ever receive.

JESUS!! The best gift ever. He came to earth as a baby and made it possible for you to have a gift that no one can take from you. THE Gift! Eternal life! Then when you accept that gift, you are given even more! You are given victory so you can overcome your problems, your temptations, your worries, or whatever you need to beat! You are given peace, so that when things come at you that you're not expecting, you can deal with it and not totally lose it! He gives us hope. Hope that today will get better. Hope that you won't always be where you're at right now, but that someday, you will be in a better place. Maybe here on earth but maybe not until you get to Heaven. He gives us healing. Healing for spiritual matters as well as physical and emotional. He will give you joy even when you're having problems. Life really sucks sometimes. But, no matter what, if you choose too, you can have joy inside. Don't let life steal your joy! Stay positive. With Jesus you can. ALL things are possible with Him.

So...What does Christmas mean to you? Is it all about the tree, the gifts, food, family, friends all the glitter? These are all good things. Important things. But...they aren't the most important.

JESUS He is the most important gift there ever was or ever will be. However...You have to decide that for yourselves. What are you going to do with THE GIFT of a lifetime? It's all up to you.

AHH, It is Christmas and I hope that you have a Very Merry Christmas.

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