Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pray For Wayne

I know there are many Christians that read this blog from all over the world and I have a favor to ask of you. You may remember me posting about Wayne and Marge in the past and asking for prayer for them. Well, I'm asking again because Wayne isn't doing so well right now. He has lung cancer and has been having radiation treatments for the past few weeks. He has four treatments left to go. They have intensified the "beams" to hit the areas harder over the last six or so times. It's made it almost impossible for him to eat or drink and keep it down. Now Wayne is dehydrated and having to get infusions to get some liquid into him. He is having a very hard time. Please pray for Wayne that all of this will improve and he will be able to get through these last treatments without complications. He needs strength and healing that only the Lord can provide right now.

I may not have gotten everything technically correct but the important thing is that you just please pray. Pray for Marge as well as I know this is a hard time for her.

Thank you all so much and I know GOD will bless you!


Child of God said...

Hi Chelle,
I'm praying and putting up a post soon. I know you gave me permission to use this picture before, but show how my blog lost it. :s I am going to take this one again and if there is an issue let me know and I will remove it.


Tracy said...

Hi Chelle, I'm praying
God bless

Denise said...

I will definitely be praying for him Chelle, and for Marge too!

Blessings and love,

Reformed rebel said...

Thank you Child of God, Tracy and Denise for your prayers.

BelovedBomber said...

Trusting Lord that these precious children of yours will be held in your arms. Believing that your peace will overwhelm them and miracles are always a possibility for you Lord. AMEN

Just Be Real said...

Thank you Chelle. Lifting Wayne up now. Blessings.

D&A said...


Thank you for posting this about my Papa. It is reassuring that there are always other out there praying for our family.

We know that even through this hard time, all the glory will be given to God.

Thank you again!

Kristin Bridgman said...

Oh Chelle, they are in my prayers. What a sweet looking couple!

Never Forsaken said...

Praying for Wayne and Marge!
Thanks Chelle for keeping us updated...God answers prayer!

Brenda said...

there is only You who can intervene in Wayne's life to bring about a complete reversal of this horrible intrusion into his body. I join all those who are asking that You do this. Your word says that where two agree as touching anything on earth it will be done for us by our Father in Heaven. You are our Father in Heaven and we ask that You do this in Jesus name. amen and thankYou Father that You are not a man that You should lie.

bluecottonmemory said...

Praying for Wayne - that God sustains Him, quenches His thirst, hydrates him, that God gives Wayne His strength when he reaches the end of what he has - peaceful sleep, restful dreams - and comfort. Praying also for Marge - that God sustain her spirit, gives her what she needs to minister to Wayne's needs, that the spirit of fear is rebuked and evicted from their presence - and that she have refreshing rest!

Reformed rebel said...

I want to thank everyone that has been praying for Wayne. I know that God has heard everyone of you as you have lifted up both Wayne and Marge to Him. I know that they appreciate you praying and so do I. God Bless you all...Chelle