Friday, November 5, 2010

Throw It AllDown

You need to stop running
There's no where to hide
You know he can't catch you
When in God's word you abide

There lies the problem
Right in front of your eyes
If you'd pick it up and read it
You could hit him between the eyes

Oh! You say
It's not working for you
Have you really stuck to it
To His word been true

You know when you don't
Do as you should
That liar comes calling
He'll scare you but good!

He's waiting for you
To really mess up
Fall on your face
And never!! get up

I've been there too
My head such a mess
Thought I'd never get up
Out of all my distress

Well friend let me say
God's word is still true
Call on Him now
He's waiting for you

He won't ever leave you
Where ever you are
If you're fighting a battle
Or wounded and scarred

Just throw it all down
Fall at His feet
He will pick you up
You won't suffer defeat

He loves you so much
He died just for you
His love is amazing
His grace is for you!

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