Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgivings Past

Thanksgiving comes but once a year
it is a time that most hold dear
Family gathers from near and far
to eat together and share their hearts

Turkey's good and potatoes too
but oh what we wouldn't do
If only we could have a bite
of Mama's pumpkin pie...delight!

Then snow starts falling on the ground
wind is blowing all around
Inside we snuggle by the fires
telling stories that once inspired

We think of all Thanksgivings past
and wonder how it went so fast
The memories we still hold dear
are really all that matters here


After all the stories have been told
and new memories made for all to share...

Have some pie from Mrs Smith
cool whip topping Ohh...what bliss!
Throw the paper plates away
lay down and's been a day!

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