Monday, November 8, 2010


In the middle of all darkness
surrounded by a shroud
Searching for the answer
you are one amongst the crowd

You seem to be enveloped
by thoughts that once were gone
That dread has come upon you
the pain that had moved on

You do not know how to stop
that knife that twists inside
It is headed for your heart
you want to run and hide

Your thoughts are all but broken
scattered like the leaves
You are looking for the answer
that might bring some sweet relief

You have played it all before
the scene that is in your mind
That momentary pleasure
will bring no peace you will find

You are trying hard to cope
with everything you feel
It never seems to stop
it has all become so real

You know all you can do
is try to close your mind
To what you think you need
and cry out one more time

The only one to help you
is waiting for you now
Will you call His name
or are you lost somehow

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