Friday, April 9, 2010

"CHRIST" The Difference

I thought of all I used to be
then where I am right now
There's really no comparison
because to Christ I've bowed

Where once was pain inside of me
that no one else could see
Somehow Jesus came and brought
His sweet peace abundantly

I will go through some deep valleys
and walk up the mountains steep
But in Him I will continue
for He is my coming King

He said He'd never leave me
of that I can be assured
He will always be there for me
and He'll carry me when I hurt

I found in HIM the faith I need
to live this Christian life
It is a journey on a path
with the Savior by my side

He has made the biggest difference
that I have ever known
It doesn't matter what I've done
for in Christ I am made whole

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