Tuesday, April 28, 2009


May your heart be blessed at Easter,
as you think about our Lord.
All the things that He has done for us,
that cannot be ignored.

He took the stripes upon His back,
He bled for you and me.
He carried the cross through the town,
so that all of them would believe.

The crowds were there they laughed and mocked,
they just couldn't wait to see.
The man they had condemned to die,
to hang upon that tree.

They put Him on the cross,
they nailed His hands and feet.
They watched Him as He hung there,
and died for you and me.

He was buried in a tomb that day,
the rock was rolled in place.
Old satan thought he'd won this time,
but JESUS knew His place.

But just imagine what they thought,
when that stone was rolled away.
They didn't find His body there,
just the bench where He had laid.

It was just three days He rose and lived,
He was back for the world to see.
Death had no hold on our dear Lord,
He broke the chains and set us free!

It wasn't just a fairy tale,
to tell our kids one day.
It really happened to our Lord,
upon that fateful day.

You see my friend it all took place,
so that you and I might receive.
The wondrous miracle of grace,
He gave to you and me.

Copyright 2009
Posted by Reformed rebel at 12:34 PM

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